Bouquet ideas for the vintage inspired bride

jus-fake-itIt’s pretty much universally agreed upon that brides and flowers go together. And so they should, flowers are pretty darn awesome. But they have also been around practically forever which can make them a little boring and unoriginal, too. Typical floral bouquets are great for the bride who wants to do things the way they have always been done. But there are some brides out there who simply don’t. They may want to have a bouquet, but they also want something a bit different.

Here we’ll cater to this niche crowd of brides by supplying a few alternative bouquet ideas that will be sure to impress your family and guests. So if you appreciate vintage aesthetics and would like to glean some handy tips, this one is for you.adorned-brooch

One of the best ways to have a bridal bouquet that is slightly different from the norm is to create your bouquet out of something other than real, natural flowers. One of the more obvious ideas is to use artificial or silk flowers to form your

Choosing Your Bridesmaids

bridesmaidsSo you’re newly engaged and decided to get these wedding plans a-rolling! But narrowing down who’ll be in your wedding party is one of them most notoriously difficult tasks in the entire planning process. No doubt you’d love to include your close and less- close family, your childhood besties, your favourite uni girls- but the fact of the matter is that you just won’t be able to include everyone. So how do you determine who’ll make your day the easiest, most fun, and memorable, and sidestep those who’ll just add additional stress? We’ve determined some essential methods of narrowing down who’s worth the cut, and who’ll be taking a seat with the rest of your guests on your big day.

To begin with, it always helps to put things into perspective by considering what your bridesmaids’ duties will consist of.

Bridesmaid’s Responsibilities

  • Helping with any small- medium sized tasks the bride requests of her in the lead up to the wedding
  • Helping to plan and pay for the hen’s night
  • To be there for rehearsals
  • Ensuring the bride gets to the wedding on time
  • Arriving before other guests at the

Bridesmaids’ Dresses Checklist

bridesmaids-dresses-checklistChoosing the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses, whilst avoiding sartorial-related fights, can seem like a mammoth task. How do you ensure everybody (including you!) is satisfied with their options, without feeling like any of your friendships have been compromised in the process? In short, we’ve found that timeline of your checklist has a powerful part to play: it allows for you to set up clear goals and boundaries; gives your bridesmaids time to explore their budgetary limitations (hey, sometimes it takes sitting down for a few hours with a calculator!), choose their preferred styles, organise the string of necessary fittings, and- lets be honest- provides the time- cushion that’s so often needed to hash out any remaining style issues. This checklist is just a guideline and doesn’t necessarily need to be followed exactly, but it should offer some helpful tips and timelines. Communication is the key. So, make sure you and your maid of honour have a copy of this list, talk about things throughout the whole process, and it should all be relatively smooth sailing.

6 Months to Go

• Ask the bridesmaids to work

Five Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Venue in Perth

Nearly every girl imagines her wedding day and has much of it planned in her head even before she meets the man or woman of her dreams. She usually knows what her dress will look like, where she wants to get married and where to go on her honeymoon. In order to make your dream wedding a reality here are five tips for choosing the perfect wedding venue.

Set a Budget

Even though it is the most important day of your life, you don’t want to spend your life savings on the event. Set a firm budget and stick to it as you look for the best wedding venues in Perth. Ask for a price list from each venue and make decisions based on those venues with facilities within your price range.

Choose Wedding Type

When choosing a venueconsider the type of wedding that you want. You may wish to get married in a church if you want a religious ceremony, but if the ceremony is secular then there are a wide range of venue from which to select. In addition, you will want to choose between a formal and casual wedding as

Five Ideas for Lighting Up Your Wedding

Decorating your wedding venue can be expensive business, but it’s surprising just how much you can change the atmosphere of a room with some fairly affordable lighting.

From something as simple as fairy lights to elaborate light up letters, there are plenty of creative ways to light up your wedding, and here are just five of our favourites.

Fairy lights

The great thing about fairy lights is that they’re so cheap, yet so versatile, and when used correctly can have an impressive effect.

For example, why not create a canopy of lights above your guest’s heads against a black ceiling to create the illusion of a glimmering night sky (this also works well outside).

Far from being cheap and tacky, fairy lights draped around the room or perhaps around some foliage or other decoration can add a real touch of class to your venue.

They also work well when suspended from the ceiling as a backdrop, great for that all important first dance.

Check out this blog from Heart Love Always for some great ideas on how to get the most out of fairy lights (or ‘twinkle lights’ as they’re

How a wedding engagement changes Twitter feeds

A researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology has used Twitter as a lens to look into the lives of nearly 1,000 people who used the site to announce their wedding engagement. By comparing tweets before and after, the study was able to determine how people changed their online personas following the proposal. Some differences were split along gender lines. Others identified how people alter the words they use on Twitter after they are engaged.

The study followed 923 people who used “#engaged” to announce in 2011. The research team then looked at each person’s tweets in the nine-month period before the engagement and 12 months afterward (2 million total tweets). They were also compared to a random sampling of tweeters during the same time frame (12 million tweets).

After people got engaged, tweets with the word “I” or “me” dropped by 69 percent. They were replaced with “we” and “us.” There was barely any change within the control group.

“People began to paint themselves as a couple, rather than as individuals,” said Munmun de Choudhury, a Georgia Tech associate professor in the School of Interactive Computing who led the study. “They’re going through a major change in life, and

The Various Wedding Services Available To You

Do you have plans for a wedding in the near future? Would you like to have the best wedding to share the happiness and joy with the people you love? It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a wedding planner, or planning the wedding yourself. You need to be aware of the different wedding services that you can utilize to make your wedding day special.

Weddings are a complex affair. At one moment, you can be in total control, while the next could be a total disaster. The wedding ceremony is not all there is to a wedding. For those who have married before, will know what this is all about. A wedding is considered to be a collection of different activities, organized to perform in a continuous motion, and each activity succeeds the other. Hence, you can imagine the mayhem that will be created if something is disturbed in the chain of actions.

To be aware of the entire planning process, you need to know about the different wedding services that you can utilize to make your wedding day perfect. Even if you are planning on hiring a professional wedding planner, you will still need to understand the basics of working

Learn How to Get Multifaith Wedding Invitations Online

The internet has become the first choice and fist shopping destination for most of us. With the increasing trend to search for products and services online, and even find them online, it has become quite common to search for wedding invitations on the World Wide Web. This is where people are sure to find the best quality of wedding invitations and templates that can be customized as per their choice.

The internet has become so popular that getting hold of multifaith wedding invitations has become a trend. A customer is bound to be looking for such cards if he or she is an Indian. India presents such a diversity of cultures and faiths in one country that it does become a difficult question as to how to get multifaith wedding invitations.

Weddings in India are made of several events and ceremonies, each different for different faiths. So, it becomes incumbent to design different invitation cards for different ceremonies and occasions. There is hardly a single template that works for all the faiths found here. This is what puts the question before several of us how to get Multifaith wedding invitations.

The entire wedding ceremony is often made of many different rites and rituals

Tips to Start The Conversation With Feminine Beauty While Dating Online!

Dating and bonding with the threads of relationships based on mutual understanding of two people. Often the youth of today simply wants to understand future partner in much better manner. Online free Dating India is the new trend to find the right mate. Often while starting the conversation with the females, males do look out for righteous tips in the beginning while chatting.

With the combined efforts of experts, we bring to you some of the righteous tips that are as follows:-

  1. Confidence: – The Indian feminine beauty does appreciate the confidence level amongst men. Ensure that you are comfortable with yourself and be naturally you.
  2. Skills and future goals: – Modern women are focused towards their goals, discussing each other skills could break the ice and can aid a lot in fruitful conversation.
  3. Respectful nature: – More than just adoring, Women like men who respect them and value their sentiments and future goals. Be a good listener and by being true you do respect her.
  4. Appearance matters: – While talking to each other, do look for your appearance. Once the profile interests you and after a couple of conversations, do decide on meeting and seeing each other for long-term commitments.
  5. Complimenting: – Every feminine beauty

Wedding dresses are the best dressing for wedding

Compared in the midst of 2006, in wedding dresses, wedding hotel, wedding companies, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, wedding supplies, in addition to other core consumer in 6 big wedding, Ball Gown wedding dresses consumption increased by 49.44%, second only in the direction of the wedding hotel growth.

As exotic, wedding consumption in China has experienced rent, buy custom process. 90’s of last century, many brides believe with the intention of wearing a wedding dresses only, less demanding on the wedding, usually by way of loan in the direction of choose their own dress. Early 20th century, in the midst of the change in people’s consumption concept, new people began in the direction of buy wedding way in the direction of commemorate his life is just one of the ceremony. Until now, the selection method still mainstream position. Beijing Weeklong photographic equipment located in the city of cheap wedding dress shop, the selection of wedding steady stream of young couples. An ordinary white wholesale wedding dresses a few hundred dollars, but also change the size of the bargain in addition to free.  However, the way custom wedding the bride is becoming one of the ways are most popular. More young people eager

Wedding dresses are the best dressing for wedding

Compared in the midst of 2006, in wedding dresses, wedding hotel, wedding companies, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, wedding supplies, in addition to other core consumer in 6 big wedding, Ball Gown wedding dresses consumption increased by 49.44%, second only in the direction of the wedding hotel growth.

As exotic, wedding consumption in China has experienced rent, buy custom process. 90’s of last century, many brides believe with the intention of wearing a wedding dresses only, less demanding on the wedding, usually by way of loan in the direction of choose their own dress. Early 20th century, in the midst of the change in people’s consumption concept, new people began in the direction of buy wedding way in the direction of commemorate his life is just one of the ceremony. Until now, the selection method still mainstream position. Beijing Weeklong photographic equipment located in the city of cheap wedding dress shop, the selection of wedding steady stream of young couples. An ordinary white wholesale wedding dresses a few hundred dollars, but also change the size of the bargain in addition to free.  However, the way custom wedding the bride is becoming one of the ways are most popular. More young people eager

Top 3 Wedding Etiquette Blunders

Weddings have been a long standing tradition across many cultures, but times sure have changed. Some traditions have carried on but people aren’t exactly exchanging property and cattle at the ceremony anymore. Still, a certain amount of etiquette is expected at weddings and with more and more people opting for non-traditional styles, one must wonder which etiquette practices still come in to play. Weddings are still a huge deal to people, and nobody wants to be the one offending their guests, or worse, be the one offending the bride. Here are the top 3 etiquette blunders people still make and you should be careful to avoid them.

1. Who should I invite?

People have a generally good understanding of who to invite when it comes to their close friends and relatives, but what about your coworkers? Or someone you casually mention the wedding to? Or that guy your friend is dating that is a total tool? What if your paying for the wedding yourself, and you simply can’t afford to invite everyone? Who makes the cut?

I guess it comes down to relationships first, and then to cost. When considering your coworkers you might want to ask yourself how close you are with

Honeymoon FAQs

What are some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations?

These tried and true honeymoon destinations offer some of the most romantic scenery, activities and memories for your special time together: Hawaii, The Maldives, Indonesia (specifically Bali), France, Fiji, Greece, Italy and Spain.

We’d like to do some adrenalin pumping activities on our honeymoon. What are some destinations which will make this a trip we will never forget?

If you’re not the kind of couple to stay cooped up in a hotel room for days on end, some adrenalin pumping activities in some of the following destinations may offer just the right thrills and memories you are looking for: base jumping in New Zealand, bungee jumping from the world’s highest bungee jump point in South Africa, paragliding in Turkey, zip lining in Costa Rica, tiger cuddling and receiving a massage from an elephant in Thailand, cave diving in Mexico, or white water rafting in Zimbabwe. Alternatively, you might find an adrenalin rush at the casino tables in Las Vegas. For a more detailed answer, check out this nifty article.

We’re on a tight budget but really have our hearts set on an overseas honeymoon. Are there any affordable overseas destinations for our honeymoon?

Many airlines offer

Hair and Makeup Checklist

Every bride wants to look her utmost beautiful on her wedding day. It can be hard to know when to take care of certain hair and makeup rituals in the lead up to your wedding. Follow this checklist and you’ll have every head turning as you walk down the aisle.

One Year to Go

• Makeup is best applied to a flawless palette. Visit a dermatologist to target any problem areas – like acne, pigmentation or dermatitis – right from the outset. This gives you plenty of time to treat any problems, and allow generously for recovery time, should that be the case.

• Get into the habit of drinking plenty of water. Your skin and hair will thank you for it. Most doctors recommend between 2-3 litres a day.

9 Months

• Start scrapbooking or create a mood board with colour palettes and makeup design styles you like. You can use magazine clippings or print some photos from the net.

• Head to your local salon and flip through some magazines to gain some inspiration for hairstyles and colours. If you have something drastic in mind, this is the time to experiment with cuts and colours, so that any disasters can be rectified in time.


Profiles of Semi Precious Stones

Lapis lazuli is deep blue, with golden flecks that shimmer like little stars, ethereal moonstone has a quality that makes light float across its surface, and the fascinating iolite changes colour when it’s held in different light.

Semiprecious gemstones can be extremely rare, remarkably beautiful and enormously expensive, which is why the label “semiprecious” is an unfair one. It suggests that the stones in this category have less value than precious gemstones, traditionally regarded as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The distinction between different kinds of gemstones was made in the mid-19th century, when it was decided that high quality, rare stones carried more value, and so they were called precious, or cardinal, gemstones. All others were categorised as semiprecious, regardless of their value, scarcity or quality. While the gem trade no longer strictly divides all stones into these two categories, the labels – undeservedly – persist. We’re going to look at the profiles of three popular semiprecious gems: amethyst, opal and turquoise.

One of the most fascinating aspects of gemstones are the unique myths associated with each stone. According to Greek lore, Dionysus – the god of wine – was angered by an insult and he swore revenge on the next mortal

Choose Your Own Engagement Ring

In the traditional wedding fairy tale, the boyfriend chooses the engagement ring and in an elaborate proposal, surprises his girlfriend with (gasp!) the perfect ring. But let’s be honest with ourselves for a second here- how often does this really happen? Is this really the ring that you would have picked out for yourself?

Fans of Bob Dylan can now start humming the tune of The Times They Are a-Changin’, because the modern bride is taking control of the ring situation to ensure that she isn’t disappointed when she opens up that little square box. If you think this type of behaviour is restricted to Bridezillas, you’d be wrong, it’s becoming more common for the bride of today to influence what her ring will look like – if not pick it out herself.

The romantics are rolling their eyes and bemoaning that love has become practical, but starry-eyed love aside, let’s look at this rationally. It makes sense for the bride to have a say in the ring that SHE will be wearing for the rest of her married life. It’s usually a costly investment, particularly as many couples are waiting to get married later in life, which means they have more

Jewellery Checklis

We girls love jewellery. What we love, even more, is when our man purchases jewellery for us. And the only thing we love better than that is wedding jewellery. From the engagement ring and wedding bands to necklaces and bracelets worn on our wedding day, there’s just so much to love! This checklist will help you love the wedding jewellery shopping process, almost as much as the jewellery itself, by keeping stress levels to a minimum.

One Year (Or More) to Go

• If you’re like many modern couples, your fella may be planning to propose – or perhaps he has already proposed – and has decided to allow you to accompany him, to the jewellery store, to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Choose wisely, future bride, this little circular piece of metal will be with you for the rest of your life, and viewed by all who see your left hand (that’s a lot of people).

8 Months

• Start researching wedding band styles. Sit at a computer, or flip through magazines, with your honey, and decide on some styles that you both like.

7 Months

• Print out pictures, or cut out clippings, of wedding band styles you like. Take these to reputable

Wedding Decor

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the search for gorgeous gems, a decadent dress, and sigh-worthy shoes, you’re not the only thing that needs to be decorated on your wedding day! Your wedding decor sets the theme for your wedding, and can give guests an idea of what to expect throughout the day. The best decor works with – not against – you in photos and provides lots of lovely backdrops for your portraits. On average, brides spend about 15% of their wedding budget on decorations, though brides with larger budgets tend to spend more and brides trying to save some money may scale back. No matter what your budget is, though, there’s a decor scheme that will work for your needs.

What Is Decor Anyway?

In short, decor is anything you use to make your wedding prettier, and there are literally hundreds of available options. Flowers are the most popular wedding decoration, and even brides on a tight budget typically have at least a few flowers. But there are many more options in addition to flowers, including:

  •  Lighting such as candles, lanterns, strobe lighting for the dance floor, or coloured light bulbs.
  • Table and chair covers.
  • Runners for the aisle you’ll be

Wedding Cars FAQs

Who is the bride supposed to travel with in the car?

On the way to the wedding, the bride usually travels with her father or whomever is giving her away. On the way to the reception, she travels with her groom (hopefully you will have made arrangements so daddy doesn’t have to hitchhike to the reception).

How many cars should we hire for the wedding party?

This depends on the size of your bridal party. As mentioned above, the bride usually travels in a separate car to the rest of the bridal party. The groom and groomsmen need to arrive at the ceremony early so they can take their own cars or, if the venue isn’t far, the hire car could take the groomsmen first then go and pick up the bridesmaids. Whatever you decide on, make sure that there are enough vehicles to transport all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the reception. Three bridesmaids can usually fit into a sedan (depending on the size of their dresses) whilst stretch limousines can cater for between seven and ten people. Depending on how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you have, it could be possible for the entire bridal party to arrive at

3 Great Ideas for your Engagement Party

Aside from nailing your proposal story, one of the bigger concerns for a newly-engaged couple is how to throw a brilliant party that truly stands out in everyone’s memory. We’ve come up with ten excellent ideas for throwing one such perfect party. Read on and get inspired!

1. Borrow From a Time Period, With a Twist

How many parties have you been to that are a ‘1920s’ theme, where every single person shows up dressed in a sharp suit and cigar, or a dropped waist flapper dress, complete with a feather boa and bejewelled headband? What about what was happening everywhere else in the world at this time in terms of fashion, culture and history? For example, communism was on the rise in Russia, colonialism throughout Africa was at an all- time high, and the last Iranian dynasty was being formed. Ask your guests to pop on their thinking fedoras, forego conventionality, and explore the world at the time you suggest. The effort they put into doing a little research will not only be interesting and fun to chat about at the party itself, but will make them differentiate your party from others and look forward to it that much more. I

Wedding Cars Glossary


Antique: Antique cars are more than 45 years old. To truly be an antique car, the vehicle must not have been modified in any way and should have been maintained so that it closely resembles its original design.

Chauffeur: The person responsible for driving the bridal party to the venue.

Classic: Classic cars are between 20 and 40 years old. To truly be a classic car, the vehicle must not have been modified in any way. Classic cars are maintained, throughout the years, in a way so that they closely resemble their original design.

Footman: Traditionally, a footman was a servant who accompanied his master on a horse drawn carriage and ran errands so that his master could remain seated. Nowadays, horse-drawn bridal carriages often come with a driver and a footman, who is responsible for attending to the bride’s every need on the way to the ceremony and then for ensuring the comfort of the bride and groom on the way to the reception.

Horse drawn carriage: A vehicle which consists of a decorative cabin, either open-roofed or close-roofed, which is pulled by up to twelve horses (although twelve seems a little excessive for even the most formal of wedding occasions).

Hot-rod: Many car

5 unique bomboniere ideas that your guests will actually like & thank you for!

We are constantly being asked about the latest ideas for weddings and without a doubt, Bomboniere is at the top of everyones list! Having a bomboniere isn’t a must at weddings but brides do love to give their guests a little memento of the day. Often this memento is a completely useless knick knack that rolls around in the back of the guests car until they throw it out… so we have come up with 5 great ideas that your guests will LOVE and thank you for. All of the items below are totally affordable and cost no more than “traditional” bomboniere gifts.

Sunscreen Sachets– Personalise your sunscreen and have it on hand for sun smart guests. Usually minimum orders are in the hundreds, but don’t let that put you off, your guests can keep the sachets and thank you for it when they find themselves caught out!

Tipsy Toes- Provide your guests with some relief from their heels and have a pair of Tipsy Toes on hand for all of the ladies. These fold up shoes are popping up everywhere including the Emirates Marquee at Melbourne Cup.

Powder Rooms-In the bathrooms set up a mini powder room station with some essential items

Wedding Decorations Glossary

Backdrop: This is a stretch of material that covers the wall immediately behind the head table.
It can be subtle or extravagant, made of any fabric you like, as long as it complements the bridal gown in particular. The traditional material is a few yards of tulle (see below) as it can be tied into bows and can be purchased in a range of colours.

Birdcages: These are becoming an increasingly popular form of wedding decoration, used both as a centrepiece to adorn tables during the reception and to decorate the other areas of the room.

Bunting: This tradition originated in England. String was used to hang triangles of material (resembling flags) in a pattern of bright colours, which was then dangled around the edges of a room. It can also be used outside for outdoor weddings, and can easily be made or purchased in the colour scheme of your choice.

Candelabra: A form of centrepiece (see below) placed on the centre of tables in wedding receptions. These are ornate candle holders that can hold either one or multiple candles. They don’t always contain candles, but including lit candles would be particularly fitting for an evening, night time or winter wedding.

Centrepiece: This is a series of identical items